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Take the first step to ensure your
Rack-Safety with RAMS

Because we understand how important Rack-Safety is to you as a business owner, we take great pride in putting your needs at the forefront. We will be with you right from the onboarding up until you achieve the optimum Rack-Health for your warehouse.

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Trust us to keep your warehouse operations running safely

At RAMS, we understand the importance of warehouse safety. That's why we make it our number one priority to help you create a safe and efficient working environment for your employees. Whether you need assistance with safety training, equipment inspections, or compliance with industry regulations, we have the tools to help you achieve your goals.

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Your Problems our Solutions

We specialize in providing solutions for the complex issues associated with pallet rack systems. Whether you need to optimize your storage capacity, improve the safety of your racking system, or comply with industry regulations, we have the tools to help you succeed.

Upgraded Safety

With our software, you can easily monitor and analyze the condition of your racks, identify potential problems before they occur, and schedule maintenance and repairs at the most convenient time. This means that you can keep your operations running smoothly, while ensuring that your inventory and employees are protected.

digitize your inspection

Digitize your Inspections

RAMS offers a comprehensive pallet racking safety management tool that allows you to digitize inspections. With this tool, you can easily schedule and conduct inspections, track progress, and generate detailed reports. Whether you're working online or offline, our tool provides you with real-time data, allowing you to make informed decisions about your racking system.

impact detection

Impact Detection

RAMS also offers impact detection capabilities which allows you to track and monitor impacts on your pallet rack system in real-time, providing you with a detailed analysis of the location and the reason behind a recurring issue. With this information, you can take prompt action to address any issues, and prevent damage to your inventory and injury to your employees.

complete control

Complete Control

RAMS gives you full control over your warehouse racking from inspections to repairs. With this powerful tool, you can easily schedule and manage racking inspections, monitor the condition of your racks in real-time, ensuring that your racking system is always in top condition and compliant with industry regulations.

risk prediction

Risk Prediction

The software tracks and monitors the damage of your rack system, providing you with an accurate view of the condition of your racks. This information can help you anticipate potential hazards beforehand, allowing you to take necessary measures.

Inspection Tracking

Inspection Tracking

RAMS provides the necessary solution for ensuring that your rack system is regularly inspected by the respective authority, and it also keeps all records of inspections and their results

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Key Features

Maximize your warehouse operations efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, and increase employee safety with the RAMS platform.

Digitize your Warehouse

Get rid of the paperwork and all it’s hassle. RAMS allows you to digitize your pallet racking system.


Track down the issue to its exact location along to analyze and rectify the issue at the earliest.

Real Time Impact Detection

Get a prompt notification if any part of your rack system has been damaged by an external impact.

Expert Third Party Inspection

Invite certified experts to your warehouse to examine the internal audits and conduct an external inspection.

Rack Health

The severity of the Rack Health is reflected by color codes. This is calculated in considering the issues detected during the inspection.

Multiple Warehouse

The RAMS system makes it easy to manage both single-site as well as multi-site warehouses infrastructure.

Automated Reports

RAMS provides real-time reports to make sure your warehouse racking is in compliance and to maintain maximum safety.

Cost Savings

Potential for a significant reduction in maintenance costs of your racking infrastructure.

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